Creative Lash Company will provide our students with a focused 4-day, hands-on program with a robust curriculum that offers significantly more content than the leading competitors. Providing take home materials with up to date information on running your own Lash Company in combination with the benefit of extended practice time, Creative Lash Company offers you an edge over the rest. As part of our 4-day program, students get real world experience by performing services in an operational beauty bar.

Becoming your own Lash CEO is our goal. We refine your skills and offer coveted information, tips and tricks to make your industry ready. With easy to integrate add on courses, our Full Program gives more than just Eyelash Extension Training.

Our unique Lash CEO Program allows students to add on this incredible opportunity to learn from highly trained women in the industry. The program offers an intense introduction to all things business. Don't know what to do with your new Eyelash Extension Certification? We give you all the information you need to start your own business.

Our BrowWow Program gives you the gift of up-sell. Teaching students the ins and outs on how to shape, wax and tint the eyebrows allowing them to offer a full "eye area" package to their clients. Helping students increase their revenue through added services. Don't let your lash client leave with bad brows!

Operating at the highest of standards, using only the best products sourced from Bella Lash Extensions, students will enjoy perks such as:

  • On-going mentorship
  • Discounts on products and future courses
  • Invitations to "get-togethers" with Lash industry professionals
  • Opportunities to become Brand Ambassadors
  • Private on-going communication through our Facebook Page
  • Access to community pages to interact with other lash artists, graduates and lash entrepreneurs.

Come join our family!