Classic Eyelash Extension Training

Classic Eyelash Extension Training

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Classic lashing is the term used to describe the technique of applying one eyelash extension per one natural eyelash. Creative Lash Company will help you learn lashing techniques including natural lash isolation, creating optimal bonds, workplace setup, troubleshooting retention issues, styling and more!

Our training manual has been tested and approved by a team of professional lash artists and includes everything you need to take home with you to become a successful lash artist.

 Included With The Class:

  • A take home binder of our theory, tips & tricks
  • Starter Kit including: 3 trays of 0.15 Bella Lash Extensions eyelashes Mixed Length & Curl, Adhesive, Primer, Gel Glue Remover, Crystal Stone, Micropore Tape, Under-eye Gel Pads Disposable Eyelash Spoolies, Micro Brush, Regular Tip Tweezer, Extra Long Precision Point Tweezer, Angular Handle Tweezer, Scissors, Eyelash Extension Lash Care/Appointment Reminder Cards, Travel Lash Case, Lash Tile, Lint Free Applicator Wands, Lash wash ($650 Value).

Our Curriculum Includes:

  • Application and Eye Anatomy Theory 
  • Sterilization & Sanitation
  • Eye Health
  • Product Knowledge
  • Client Care & Preparation
  • Lash Artist Self Care
  • Managing Work-space
  • Application Process
  • Lash Styling & Isolation
  • After Care
  • Removal
  • Mannequin Practice
  • Live Model Practice (4 models)
  • Hands on Guidance from Lead Educator
  • In salon experience

We are in this to fully prepare you to become your best at this trade! Our Educators are knowledgeable, attentive, hands-on and patient. On-going mentorship gives you the confidence to know you can reach your Creative Lash community anytime with questions and help in your new career. Our goal is to send you out there feeling confident, strong and ready to take on clients.

Our most unique offering is our affiliation with local beauty bars that have given us access to their space to teach you how to take a client in a salon setting from start to finish. We want to send you into the world as ready as possible! 

*Minimum Enrollment required for all classes to run, please note that if your date doesn't get full, you may be asked to reschedule* 

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