Lash CEO Business Training

Lash CEO Business Training



You are a newly certified lash tech. You have the skill but lack the business savvy. Any lash artist that has big dreams to expand their business and create their dream job and dream life can benefit from this course. Gain the tools to create your brand and build your business to become your own Lash CEO.

The beauty business can be lucrative and fun - learn how to make the most of your skills by dominating your corner in the market. Make money, dream big and live the life you make for yourself. Let us help. 

Invest in yourself and learn how to grow your beauty brand. This course is designed to provide direction on how to start, build, and grow a lash extension business. We teach you how to attract and retain clients. We cover hiring and training employees, scheduling, customer service, branding and marketing, pricing and market analysis, how to stay ahead of the competition and other tips and tricks of the trade.

Our Lash CEO course will give you five key principles

  1. Preparation: You have the training and are ready to start your own business. We provide a step by step guide on how to begin. We work with your innovative ideas and add our expertise and experience to create a custom business plan for you.
  2. Business Skills: We cover everything you need to master: Leadership, Customer Service, Client Acquisition and Retention, Scheduling, Policies, Financial Forecasts, Break Even Analysis, Pricing Strategies, Profitability, Managing Costs and much more.
  3. Market Intelligence: Learn to grow your business by using market trends, how to analyze the competition and how to target your clients with photography, advertising and other marketing platforms.
  4. Branding: Learn to stand out from the crowd. Logos, Social Media Presence, Website Design and Competitive Pricing are tools that define your brand to help attract clientele.
  5. Operations: Learn to run this business you have created. Operations Manuals, Retailing for your Clients, Hiring, Inventory Management, Protocols, Policies and Scheduling are just a few of the things you will take away from this program.

You've made it this far, let us help you cross that finish line!

*Minimum Enrollment required for all classes to run, please note that if your date doesn't get full, you may be asked to reschedule* 

For options on leaving a deposit to hold your space in lieu of paying the full amount, or to learn about our package prices call us at 6472651297 or email us at